Thursday, May 05, 2005

Some Questions on Social Security 

A question for President Bush: How is it that you think people are competent to personally manage 2% or 4% of their social security contributions, but not the full 12%? Either they are competent to invest their own money, or they are not. Either they have the *right* to save and invest their own money, or they do not.

A question for Democrats: How is it that you think that people are congenitally incompetent to manage their own savings, and yet somehow intellectually competent to choose which politicians to elect, who will have absolute control and say over their "retirement savings" (using the term loosely)? If they aren't competent to manage their own money, how can they be competent to judge the far more important question of who will run every aspect of their lives?

This isn't the Rob Tarr who attended BHS in the early 80's is it?
Why, yes it is, as a matter of fact -- who's asking?
Well Rob, chances are you may not remember me but we were in the same graduating class and spent quite a bit of time together in Mr Whitman's dramatic productions. My nickname, much to my chagrin, was Skully. Initials were JV. Even back then I always thought of you as a deep thinker and I would wager I was probably correct. I came across your blog off a google search I was doing, saw the name and took a chance that it might be you. I hope all is well down south! Love to catch up sometime. But once you flip through the year book and find out who it is that may not be an option...lol
Hmm.. well I don't have my year books anywhere at hand, but I can always be emailed by putting the 7 letters of my name together @hotmail.com.
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