Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Democrats Moral Hypocrites on Taxes 

If there's one thing Democrats agree on these days, it's higher taxes. Yet,
this is something that each Democrat, right now, has the power to put into
practice. He need simply calculate his taxes at whatever higher rate he
advocates, and then send in that amount to the proper authorities.

As today's WSJ editorial mentions, Massachussetts even has an explicit
mechanism for doing this. Massachussetts taxpayers have the option of
paying taxes at the older (pre-2001) 5.85% marginal rate, rather than the
current 5.3%. Reportedly, only 1,330 taxpayers, out of 3.03 million, took
advantage of this offer. I'll go out on a limb here and venture that there
are probably more than 1,330 Democrats in Massachussetts....

Think about this for a minute. Democrats are so absolutely certain and sure
of the moral justice of higher taxes, that they advocate using the might of
government (the threat of arrest and jail) to forcibly remove more of your
income than you currently pay in taxes. They are so absolutely sure that
this is morally required that they are willing to use government guns to
*force* you to fork over your money. Yet these same people are so "strong"
in their belief in this "ideal", that they are unwilling to *voluntarily*
apply it to themselves, and implement it for themselves, right now!

Since roughly half the country votes Democrat, their voluntary contributions
would get them 50% of the way towards their stated goal of higher taxes.

Here's, in effect, the attitude: "You non-Democrats don't have the superior
moral insight that I do. You don't seem to 'get it' that higher taxes are
morally required. Therefore, you need to be forced under threat of jail to
fork over more money. Unfortunately, my superior moral insight doesn't
apply to myself, so I have to wait to be forced, too, before I will fork
over higher taxes."

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